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Kimberlite Pipes and Volcanoes

Would you like to see a kimberlite volcano erupt? Me too! Watch the following animation – but don’t stand too close. These kimberlite eruptions are very explosive and at the point of eruption, likely have a gaseous emplacement temperature at the freezing point of water and velocities of Mach 3!!! KIMBERLITE PIPE eruption. Below are

Colorado, Montana, Wyoming – a major diamond province remains overlooked

North American Craton with Wyoming Craton Aerial photo over Twin Mountain Lake anomaly A few of the Twin Mountain Lakes cryptovolcanic structures. Note the white carbonate on the shoreline. Hundreds of kimberlites, lamproites, lamprophyres, diamonds and cryptovolcanic structures have been identified  in the Wyoming Craton that lies under portions of Colorado, Kansas, Montana and Wyoming.